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Pete's Nachos

The theme that seems to be occurring throughout 2020 is that homemade nachos are becoming much more impressive than anything that can be experienced out there at a restaurant. Sometimes the restaurant can cook better than friends and family, but most times, nothing beats a good home cooked meal. This was one of those times. Pete is a guy that I recently met for the first time and one of the first facts about myself that I revealed to him was that I have tried almost all the nachos in Saint John and rated them in this blog. He started telling us about how to make good nachos and then, all of a sudden, we were devouring not one plate, but two huge plates of his nachos that he took a lot of time to prepare. 

I really honestly do not think I've had nachos like this before. Every bite was full of flavor and my photographer added the dips on the side to make it a big explosion in your mouth every step of the way to completion of what would heavily compete with Sneaky Dee's in Toronto. I also liked how there was pineapple on it and how Pete dared to do something different from the usual.

I appreciate that he made them for us not once but two different nights on the weekend. What a treat!
Thank you!

Nacho Blog Rating: A++