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Phil's Nachos

I think it's time to post another review about homemade nachos. I really like how different people are making nachos for us as we really like nachos! My photographer makes nachos every Saturday and it is awesome!

Phil's Nachos- December 2019

Phil's nachos July 2020
Phil's nachos July 2020

The distribution of toppings was perfect on Phil's nachos that he made for us in December 2019 and in July 2020. There was something for every chip and each bite was loaded with flavor. His nachos were very healthy and full of vegetables. I thought it was unique and tasty to have mushrooms on his nachos. Another thing that stood out was that the salsa was very flavorful!

I like how unique they are in that you see vegetables on there that you would not normally see. He thinks outside of the box and I really appreciate it!

Nacho Blog Rating (homemade): A