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Another Tanya's Nachos

Sometimes, you are friends with people who have the same name. This is one of those times. Tanya is not to be confused with the Tanya who made the cake nachos. They are two different Tanya's!!!

Ok, we went to Tanya's house in a cold snowy winter day where there was a long game of Crazy Eight Countdown that Tanya came from behind and won. In between all the craziness were multiple plates of nachos that Tanya made.

Tanya's Nachos- January 2020

Tanya's Nachos- January 2020

Tanya made sure to not only put a lot of cheese on the nachos, but to effectively layer the cheese so that there was something for every chip. There was a spice on the meat and some oil on the chips to prepare for the possibility of there being a chip with no cheese on it. In addition, I liked how there was corn to the nachos because it added an original flavor. Further, she had three different dips: Salsa, guacamole, and sour cream for some variety! She also made a lot of nachos because she knew her target audience: people who have three plates of nachos in one night then run a 5km race the next morning.

They were great! Tanya worked hard and it paid off! woo!

Nacho Blog Rating (homemade): A