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Tanya's Nachos

It seems like I've been posting only homemade nachos as the new entries, but the truth is that I have been re-visiting places and there are not that many new places for me to try in the Saint John/Rothesay area. At the end of April, 2019, Tanya made nachos for a special occasion. Tanya is a neat lady that lives in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Tanya's Nachos-April 2019

What are your first impressions judging from the picture? I thought it was an ornament because it was so perfectly done but in reality, it was a nacho cake. That's right! Those are nacho chips surrounding the green icing! The chips were just like the chips you would find in Mexico and I thought the idea was very unique! I really felt this nacho cake was made with a lot of love and it is a shame that I was too busy to eat much!

Now, I have a homemade nacho rating for the previous entry but I feel like they should be in a different league because it was a cake.

Nacho Blog Rating (cake edition): A