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Amanda's nachos

The purpose of the blog is to rate nachos from businesses so that they know what they do well and/or what they need to do to improve their nachos. In addition, its purpose is for people to read the blog and see where the best places are to have nachos. I am also in search of the best nachos in the world and am sharing my journey.

Big big however... here I will put HOWEVER, sometimes, you have to break the rules and rate your friends' nachos. While I have the major mission in mind, it's nice to show appreciation for the nachos made by your friends.

Amanda and Randy's Beef Nachos- April 2019

Amanda and Randy's Beef nachos-April 2019

I wish businesses could look at these nachos and take some ideas from them. I really loved how there was red salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, and green salsa for dipping the chips. There was so much variety and I would love it if restaurants had this variety. The cheese was melted nicely and there was something for every chip! Finally, the ingredients were tasty and fresh!

These nachos are really really good for homemade nachos. I really hope they make them for us again when we visit Nova Scotia!

Nacho Blog (homemade) rating: A-