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Hunter's Ale House, Charlottetown, PE

On July 27, 2005 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Hunter's Ale House opened its doors, and for years, has been showing tourists and islanders a good time. Hunter's ensures that you leave fully entertained by their live music and satisfied with their delicious food. One of their specialties is their nachos, with 6 different plates of nachos to choose from:

1. Classic Nachos
2. Bacon Cheeseburger
3. Mexican Style
4. Pulled Pork
5. BBQ Chicken
6. Chicken Curry

Hunter's Ale House is one of our regular places to visit when we go to PEI in the winter; we were happy to return for the first time in three years. This trip has of course made us fall in love with PEI all over again, so you should be seeing more blog entries from PEI hopefully later this year. 

Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos - December 2022

Hunter's Ale House Mexican Plate Hunter's Size- December 2019

Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos-December 2018

Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos-December 2018

Distribution of Toppings

In the past, the chip to cheese ratio was a problem at Hunter's Ale House. In December 2022, there was an option for extra cheese so there was no issue this time around. However, the beef was mostly in the centre and not all around the chips. Thus, the overall distribution of toppings was not perfect, but I was happy with the cheese distribution. 


The chips were tasty and had a spice sprinkled on them. The vegetables, though they were a bit sparse, tasted fresh. The beef was moist yet could have used a bit more seasoning. They do use a nice cheese blend which is a key component in all great nachos. 


The Mexican Nachos come in two sizes: Party for one ($19.99) and Hunter's Size ($24.99). You receive two salsas and two sour creams with the "Hunter's size" plate of nachos. For extra toppings it is $.79 extra. For extra salsa and sour cream it is $1.49 extra. For extra cheese it is $3.99 extra. It is slightly higher than average, but the Hunter's Ale House is located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown and you receive great service and good entertainment on top of the delicious nachos. When you consider that some places charge $5.00 for more cheese, $4.00 for extra dips, $5 for meat etc, this is a pretty fair price.


This plate is not as large as the Snooty Fox nachos or Sneaky Dee's, but I was pretty full after sharing this plate for a late night snack. It could be shared between two people for a meal, especially with meat and extra cheese added.


The waitress was very attentive as usual. On previous visits, our server even went above and beyond to make sure the cook  distributed the cheese and toppings on our nachos. She had a good sense of humor and talked to us about the hockey game, even though it was very busy there. We always find our server checks up on us regularly and offers a refill as soon as my drink drops below half full. During our last visit during Christmas holidays 2022, the live music was so loud that I could only point to the menu and use improvised sign language, nonetheless the service was friendly and efficient. 


I always look forward to visiting Hunter's Ale House when I am in Charlottetown. It's a vibrant atmosphere and they consistently serve a solid plate of nachos. Maybe next time, I will try one of the other options for toppings! The only thing I would change about the Mexican style nachos is to more evenly distribute the meat and add more veggies. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-